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Do It Yourself (DIY) Driftwood For Your Aquarium

Do It Yourself (DIY) driftwood takes time, but it will save you tons of money. Some small pieces cost well over $20. Also, the soak method (minus salt) will work for store bought driftwood. Store bought driftwood is cleaned and has not been soaked. This may lead to tannin's being leaked into your tankWhat you'll need: Driftwood, which can be found anywhere. It doesn't necessarily have to come from the water. You could find it in the woods, as long as it is weathered down and looks unique. Also make sure the wood is not rotting. BIG soaking container, I use a 15 gal rubber maid container. Aquarium Salt, I use Doc Wellfish brand. This is used as a natural way of killing bacteria and parasites. First step, clean off your wood! Make sure all debris and bark are removed from the wood (or it'll fall off in your tank!). Once complete, boil the water in the BIG pot and add aquarium salt. I use about a tablespoon per gallon. Boil the entire piece for about 2-4 hours depending on your size. If you can only fit half the...


Aquarium And Fish Care Choices

Members of the family Characidae share many characteristics with other freshwater fish. They are a member of the Ostariophysi super order, which includes around 68% of all freshwater species in the world. This super order is characterized by the Weberian apparatus and some sort of alarm substance that is released when the fish is stressed. Family Characidae were originally discovered in South and Central America, but have also been found in central Africa. There are two main variations of Characidae: carnivorous and omnivorous. The omnivorous kinds will eat both vegetable matter and meat, while the carnivorous only eat meats. While there are also herbivorous Characidae, you should probably avoid keeping them, because they will eat literally every plant in your aquarium.When choosing to keep carnivorous Characidae, there are some things you will want to keep in mind. First and foremost, be aware that anything smaller than the Characidae will be considered food. And mixing other aggressive carnivores will only ...


Caring for a Goldfish Aquarium

Keeping Goldfish can be a fun and rewarding hobby. As with any new hobby, especially one that involves living creatures, always consider the maintenance that will be involved. If you care for your aquarium properly, you will be sure to have happy and healthy Goldfish for many years. Goldfish have a life expectancy of five to ten years. If you do a good job maintaining their fish tank, you should have fun, beautiful fish for a long time. Make sure to feed them correctly and keep their water fresh and clear. When starting any new aquarium, you should get everything in place before buying the fish. If you are going to put gravel on the bottom, you may want to put only a thin layer. This will make it easier to keep clean, as Goldfish tend to be messy. Make sure that you rinse the gravel thoroughly before placing it in the bottom of the tank. If you have some decorations, you should add them now. Make sure that you rinse them well before putting them into the tank. Also be sure that the goldfish have plenty of roo...


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