my universe...

Objavljeno 04.11.

if only...



if an ocean was a pond

if i could make one step across the moutain

if i could see over thousand miles

if i could reach out and catch you hand


if only i could hug you

if only i could feel your touch again

if only i could stare into your eyes again

if only i could be with you again...


if only, i was there

i'd give you a goodnight kiss...





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Objavljeno 01.11.

far away...


It's good that you are far away

cause I can wish

you were here

I can beg

I can cry

I can be angry on you

or I can miss you

but nothing changes the reality

and I know i'll forget

the reflections

of your touches

will fade away

I'll forget

the picture

of your eyes

looking into mine

i'll forget

your arms holding me

and it's good that you are far away

cause I don't need to watch you

I don't need to know

you're with the others

I don't need to meet you

I don't need to talk to you

every day

and it hurts

a lot less

than if you were here

I guess

we will meet again

and you will dare

to mess my life again

to play with my heart

and twist my feelings

but still

in the meantime

I can live my life

so, it's good you are so far...

even if I wish you were here...


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